What is PPF (Paint Protection Film)
and why do you need it?
The best and most effective way to protect your vehicle from stone chips, scratches,
bugs, abrasion and other road damages is to use Paint Protetcion Film (PPF). PPF is
an invisible, non-yellowing thin film what is designed especially for your car,
motorcylcle, or any other type of vehicle to save the paintings everyday. As PPF can
be polished and thanks to its invisible feature your car will shine like before installation
and the paintings will not loose its colour at all.
Areas most often protected by PPF are:
-  Bumpers
-  Fenders
-  Hood
-  Rocker panels
-  Wheel openings
-  Headlights, Fog lamps
-  Side view mirrors
How to handle PPF?
After the PPF is installed on your vehicle, you could wash your car or motorcycle as
often and use a high quality wax also as before the installation. Just give new PPF a
few days before any washing and always wash from the center of the PPF outward to
the edge the film. When waxing, start it also from center up to the edge of the PPF and
gently swipe it with a cotton wiper or baby toothbrush. Use a high-grade plastic
cleaner, protectant and polish  to keep the PPF in top shape.
“Nice work Joe. We are lucky
to have someone who cares
about what they do.”
Jeremy Geiger
“Thanks to your perfect job
on my Porsche. Its paintings
is just like the original, and I
don’t have to worry about
scratches and bugs. Thank
you Joe! “
Albert Peterson
“I’m sure if I buy another new
car I will make you install a
paint protection film on it!”
Whesley Matthews
“Excellent work on my
Ferrari! Thank you Joe!”
Barry Cohen